Learning multiplication tables has always been a boring task for almost everyone who has had to go through this stage.
An educational game is always a guarantee of success. This game will help you learn the multiplication tables with minimal effort.
The game is organized by levels and you can always choose the desired level. Each level represents a multiplication table. In the last level you can play with all the multiplication tables mixed up.

Options you can choose:
In the main menu you can choose the language of the game.
You can also select that the multiplication tables appear in an orderly or disorderly way.
Mute the sound.
Remove advertisements so they don't bother you.

The character of the game is a bunny boy who must find the correct solution for each multiplication table shown on the screen. If he finds the correct solution, he must bang his head on the box containing the solution.
The character has three lives and one life will be deducted for each failure. Enemies that appear throughout the worlds can also affect the character.
The bunny boy has the option to jump or shoot with his laser weapon to be able to go through certain places.

In the second game you can also choose the multiplication tables that you want to learn.
Some wooden ducks appear that have the correct solution assigned to the multiplication that appears at the top of the screen.
You must tap with your finger on the duck that has the multiplication solution. The ducks appear from side to side of the stage until you finish with the whole multiplication table.

Monster bomb: take the bomb and start your challenge.
Once you have picked up the bomb, you have twenty seconds to find the correct solution. Leave the bomb next to the barrel and step back a bit so it doesn't explode on top of you.
If you are correct, continue in the same way with the rest of the operations.

The vampire castle. The vampire is in his dark castle and must correctly complete all the multiplication tables.

We hope you like the game and get the most out of it. It will be the beginning of the minigames in this multiplication table game.


Hit the tables.

If you are curious, the game has been created with Godot Engine

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