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To achieve this challenge you must drive the tractor through the farm without running over many animals.
You only have a license to run over up to three animals.
You have a set time limit on each level.

Keep the tractor balanced.

The tractor moves forward and accelerates or reverses and decelerates as you see fit. If you go up or down hills you should go slowly. On straight paths you can accelerate to get to the finish line faster.

You have two controls to swing and balance the front of the tractor: when climbing an obstacle such as rocks you can swing the front of the tractor up to improve the front traction of the vehicle and better clear the obstacles.
If, on the other hand, the tractor is falling downwards, you can rock the front end upwards and keep the vehicle balanced so that it does not tip over.

If you do not control well the farm truck will overturn.

You have the option of acquiring more speed if you are not satisfied with the speed that the tractor can reach.

Have a fun time with all the circuits specially designed for this tractor and above all try not to run over any animal during the tours.

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