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If you were to come across a secret map of a great pharaoh's tomb in ancient Egypt intact, what might you find there? Harry wondered the same thing when he found a very old map with the exact point where the tomb of a pharaoh was located. The mummy of a great Egyptian pharaoh with supposed treasures of incalculable value.

Start the game by traveling through the Egyptian desert until you reach the ruins of a lost valley that has remained hidden until today. This new valley of the kings that Harry has discovered, hides in its depths a secret passage that leads to the interior of a great buried pyramid.

Once inside the pyramid, Harry must reach a secret chamber where the mummy of a great pharaoh from a lost dynasty of ancient Egypt is located, where a great treasure could be found.

To reach his destination, Harry must overcome the dangers that the pyramid holds.

Secret chambers
The secret chambers are sealed with stone slabs that can be activated with keys. The keys open and close secret passageways.

In order to access different rooms of the secret chambers, Harry will have to push the stone slabs and put them in their correct location to be able to pass without difficulty.

Inside the pyramid Harry can find many dangers: pits of death, scorpions, snakes, many traps and especially the mummies that have woken up from inside their sarcophagi and are still walking around inside the rooms.

Inside the chambers there are also keys to life that will give Harry a break.

Harry's weapons
Harry has a knife that he can use at any time. To kill enemies with the knife, Harry will have to get close to them, which can be dangerous.

Harry can also make use of his shotgun, although in order to do so, he must find ammunition in strategic places in the pyramid.

Another of Harry's abilities is that he can move stone slabs to access other secret rooms.

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