Amazing tractor is one of the dream tractor trolley games for the lovers of tractor simulator.
Players who love playing off road transporter truck games with heavy truck driving duty, this game is the perfect challenge for them.
You can choose between different trailers with their cargo for each tractor.

Each load is distributed differently for each trailer in such a way that the tractor driver must adapt his way of driving the tractor.
Each level has a specific route that the farm tractor must overcome.
If the tractor overturns you will have to start the route again, but don't worry because the route is made up of short distances.

You can choose between two speed modes: normal and fast.
You can also visualize the distance you need to finish the route with your tractor.
There are two buttons to control the tilt of the front of the tractor.
You can select the type of load you want to carry or you can even choose some tractor without a load: depending on the option you choose, driving your tractor will be easier, more difficult or more fun.

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